Open Your Ears to the Choral Music Sounds of
Albany Pro Musica!


To celebrate and perform the highest quality choral music, both classical and
contemporary, and develop appreciation for the art of singing in audiences,
performers and the community.

Vision for the Future

Albany Pro Musica will be the leader in choral excellence and choral music
appreciation in a New York State Capital region known for those qualities.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence in performance and repertoire
  • Dedication to inspiring new generations of singers
  • Commitment to inspire love of singing and great choral music in the Capital Region

Discover the pure pleasure of choral harmony. In its thirty-third season, Albany Pro Musica brings great choral music to acoustically stunning concert venues throughout the Capital region. From the historic Jan Wemp Barn to the newly renovated Shaker Meeting House, our repertory introduces concert-goers to the musical splendor of the human voice.

Enjoy a full range of musical genres, from folk to pop, a cappella to orchestral accompaniment, and Bach to Corigliano!

Click here to download Albany Pro Musica’s repertory, from December 1981 to January 2012!  Albany Pro Musica Repertory List