Auditioning for
Albany Pro Musica & Masterworks

Albany Pro Musica is a tightly knit group of approximately 65 individuals who work together on many levels. In addition to a high level of musicianship, we ask our singers to make a serious commitment to the group. Singers are expected to attend every Tuesday evening rehearsal from September to June (with the occasional exception) and sing all subscription concerts as well as take part as often as possible in additional singing engagements, events and responsibilities that support our fundraising and community efforts.

The Audition Process


For an audition appointment, please contact APM’s Assistant Conductor
Joe Farrell by calling (518) 248-3510 or emailing

Each auditionee sings for the Artistic Director and the Assistant Conductor. Auditions last about ten minutes and do not require a prepared piece, unless you wish to be considered for solos. You should arrive with your voice well warmed up and ready to sing.

You will be asked to perform the following:

  • Vocalization (scales, patterns and other exercises designed to get an idea of vocal range)
  • sight-reading exercises
  • interval repetition
  • “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” – auditionees sing the melody, accompanied by the Artistic Director; words are provided.

Decisions are based on sight-reading ability, musicality and a voice quality that fits our current sound ideal.

Directions to UA Performing Arts Center

The University of Albany campus is located at 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany. Click here for a campus map that highlights where to park and how to reach Room B78 in the Performing Arts Center.

Once on campus, please park in the Visitors Parking Lot off Collins Circle (may require a small parking fee). Room B78 is below the Performing Arts Center’s ground level, and you will need to walk down stairs or take an elevator.


Rehearsals are held from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. (with one 15-minute break) every Tuesday night from September through June. Occasionally, it is necessary to schedule an additional rehearsal on a Sunday afternoon or in the days before a performance. The group meets on the campus of the University at Albany in Room B78 of the Performing Arts Center.

  • Singers must learn their notes at home so that rehearsal time may be spent shaping the music and fine- tuning our collective sound.
  • Group communications are conducted through e-mail. Singers are expected to check their e-mails regularly.
The Commitment of Membership

In order to continue bringing great choral music to the Capital District, we ask our singers to make a full commitment to our organization. This will include:

  • Attendance at rehearsals every Tuesday (7:00-9:30 p.m.) during our singing season.
  • Participation in all subscription-series concerts in addition to the annual APM-sponsored High School Choral Festival (late winter) and one concert where we partner with the Albany Symphony Orchestra.
  • Additional singing gigs: During the course of the singing season, we receive numerous invitations to sing. Usually, these events do not require full group participation. We solicit volunteers for each outing, with the goal of sharing the burden amongst all the singers in the group.
  • Costs: Each singer pays dues for the season ($75) and must acquire the appropriate concert wardrobe. Women purchase (through APM) the prescribed dress and top (approx. $100). Men wear a black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie and cummerbund (purchased on their own). Men are also required to purchase (through APM) an additional colored bow tie and cummerbund for the holiday concert season (approx. $35). There is occasionally a $10-20 fee for music, depending on concert selections.
  • Vocal Assessment is normally held every three years or at the conductor’s discretion.
  • Sharing in the tasks necessary to run and fund the group: This may involve any of the following: selling/buying Entertainment books, provide food/drink for concert receptions, moving risers and setting up concert spaces, bringing snacks to rehearsal once or twice a season, selling tickets for concerts, serving on the board of directors and spreading the word about upcoming concerts. These are all volunteer activities, but we urge each singer to pull his or her own weight and take full ownership of the commitment to our organization.

The Masterworks Chorus

The Masterworkers are singers who may not be able to commit to all subscription series concerts or singers who prefer only singing master works with orchestra. These singers join Albany Pro Musica for special performances when a larger choir is needed. As a Masterworker, your name is added to our Masterworks e-mail distribution list, and you are contacted when a singing opportunity arises. At that point, you may agree to join us based on your availability.

Masterworkers attend regular concert rehearsals (for that concert only), pay dues at a pro-rated amount ($25 per concert) and share the same singing responsibilities as core singers.

Declining an invitation to perform in a Masterworks concert will not preclude you from being invited again in the future. Attire for Masterworkers: For men, a black tuxedo (or near-black suit), white shirt, black bow tie and cummerbund. For women, a floor-length black skirt and long-sleeved black blouse.

International Tours

Albany Pro Musica periodically goes on foreign tours, and participation is optional. Expenses are paid by each singer. Family and friends are also welcome, though only auditioned singers may take part in performances.