Albany Pro Musica

Staff & Directors

Albany Pro Musica Staff

Artistic & Executive Director

José Daniel Flores-Caraballo

Director of Education and Assistant Director

Joseph Farrell


Noah Palmer

Executive Assistant

Jessica Moran

Soprano Section Leader

Jean T. Leonard

Alto Section Leader

Lisa A. Miller

Tenor Section Leader

David Rudnick

Bass Section Leader

Colin Helie

Production Managers

Julie Weston
Colin Helie

Albany Pro Musica Volunteer Staff

Chorus Administrative Assistants

Lisa A. Miller

Music Librarian

Linda Wilkes

Web Manager

Thomas Johnston

Social Media

Paul Nooney, Jr.


Bill and Norah Pattison

Albany Pro Musica Professional Support

Financial Management

Capitol Hill Management

Recording Engineer

Joel Patterson, Mountaintop Studios


Gary David Gold

Marketing & Box Office

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Marketing Consultant


Website & Graphic Artist

Carlos D. Flores, Watcheye Studios