Albany Pro Musica

“Nothing To It” Cookbook

Nothing To It is a special cookbook from the kitchen of Ellen Jabbur, long-time APM supporter and board member – and cook and hostess extraordinaire! Ellen compiled this extensive collection of recipes that showcase different dishes, cuisines, and culinary traditions that her friends and family have grown to love through her years of home cooking and entertaining. All proceeds benefit Albany Pro Musica.

Price: $35, plus $4 shipping and handling per book



A note from Ellen:

The name of this cookbook came from interactions with my friend and neighbor, Kip. Kip was frequently a recipient of my cuisine, and often asked how I made a certain dish. Kip also thought that many of the dishes that I would bring over were very difficult to make. However, my answer to Kip when she would ask the difficulty level of the recipe, you guessed it, “nothing to it.” Kip insisted that I write a cookbook and use this title. For those that knew Kip understood that no one ever said “no” to Kip. So, I hope that you find as much joy in exploring these culinary delights as I did while assembling them into this cookbook!

On a personal note, they say that a diamond ring on someone’s finger is a dead object, a painting on the wall is only seen by family and friends, however, supporting an arts organization allows beauty to be shared throughout a community. This cookbook is to help support an organization that has grown near to my heart, Albany Pro Musica and provides a way for Albany Pro Musica to continue its mission of performing a broad spectrum of quality choral music at the highest levels of artistic excellence that inspires and transforms audiences and to provide exceptional educational experiences that advance the choral art among new generations.